xDownloader alpha is a simple Joomla! extensions of component and content plug-in. The plug-in will transform the key to the reference for downloading of the file and does a way to the file hidden from unauthorized access. The component decides to give the required file or not. As the main parameter of a plug-in it is necessary to specify a full path to the file in file system of the server (hosting). The file should be with right of reading.

xDownloader alpha component.

The component serves a plug-in and keeps log of downloads. Back-end settings isn't present. For a front-end through the menu the conclusion of data is absent. If there will be a collision to file return, the component will send the respective message. All static text data are stored in *.ini the component file.

xDownloader alpha plug-in.

This plug-in has simple syntax which you can write in any text place where you plan to set download link. Plug-in key syntax: {xdownloader title=[]|groups=[,]|filename=[]|filepath=[]}

Key variables separate by '|'.
Variable 'title': optional variable, will be change on the 'filename' variable or file name from 'filepath' variable if 'title' empty or absent from key.

Variable 'groups': optional variable, using to set permission on downloads by user groups. It has string value and separate by comma ','.

Variable 'filename': optional variable, set the name of downloadable file, possibly to use different name of original file name.

Variable 'filepath': necessary variable, must be full path of file on the server. The result for visitors will ordinary URL.

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xDownloader alpha component [back-end]

xDownloader alpha plug-in [demo]

To demonstrate how does plug-in works will use sample image bananas_2.jpg of Joomla! CSM


{xdownloader filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}



{xdownloader title=Banana image download|filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}

Banana image download


{xdownloader filename=apple.jpg|title=Banana image (file name changed)|filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}

Banana image (file name changed)


{xdownloader groups=Registered,Publisher|title=Banana image download permission|filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}

Banana image download permission

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