xDownloader alpha

xDownloader alpha is a Joomla! component and plugin extensions. The main task of extension is hide direct link to file for downloads and make that link unique for each user. To create file link is necessary to specify a key of a plug-in in a context and to transfer some parameters. There is a possibility to limit access of users to downloading. The component does the report on each loading in place specially taken away for this purpose.


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xDownloader alpha component [back-end]

xDownloader alpha plug-in [demo]

To demonstrate how does plug-in works will use sample image bananas_2.jpg of Joomla! CSM


{xdownloader filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}



{xdownloader title=Banana image download|filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}

Banana image download


{xdownloader filename=apple.jpg|title=Banana image (file name changed)|filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}

Banana image (file name changed)


{xdownloader groups=Registered,Publisher|title=Banana image download permission|filepath=D:\wamp\www\ja25\images\sampledata\fruitshop\bananas_2.jpg}

Banana image download permission

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xDownloader alpha component GNU/GPL license v.2 Details Download
xDownloader alpha plugin GNU/GPL license v.2 Details Download