Control of a component is carried out in back-end Joomla's part. Control essence - creation of departments and definition of instructions for use for each of department. Number of departments not limited. In settings of department it is necessary to define fields for the user and group of access to data fields. Data fields are static. But them it is quite enough to build logic schemes of interactions between departments. Using component from a front-end for registered users only.

Getting started.

Step 1. Necessary to establish groups of users on which to be provided access to a component on a front-end.

One of the group of users necessary to establish as manager of list. Manager of list can edit and delete records. This group will be selected in the main settings of component.

Main settings path:

  • back-end top menu Components -> Daily list button 'Options';
  • Daily list back-end screen shot has name 'Main settings of component'

Step 2. It is necessary to define the main department. Settings of the main department define the beginning of new entry in the general list on a front-end. If in the register users left records and the manager of a site decided to define other department as main that all the previous records won't be displayed or it will lead to a error. It is better to change settings of the main department.

Step 3. Create menu link to component. In the 'Menu Item Type' select 'Daily list wnd'. Other menu settings sets by administration needs.


User options

  • to create / edit records
  • to leave notes for some record's item during the work
  • to leave comments
  • to export the filtered data

Administrator options

  • manage departments
  • manage stored data information

Login Form

Daily list screen shots [front-end]

Daily list screen shots [back-end]

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Download file(s):

Title Type Compatibility Details
Daily List component GNU/GPL license v.2 Details Download
Daily List component (sample) GNU/GPL license v.2 Details Download
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